Senior Associate

Bill Bucy’s career in communications is a medley of journalism and business. As the San Francisco bureau manager for UPI during the deadly Loma Prieta earthquake, his team’s coverage was compiled into a best-selling book. He acted as a company spokesman and senior executive ghost writer for two Fortune 500 corporations and used the skills he developed there to create sophisticated communications plans for numerous Silicon Valley companies needing coverage in both the technical and business media. 

Bill’s work in daily journalism and in what he calls “the extreme reaches” of technology fostered an ability to find stories where others can’t and find messages that others miss. An  example: He once worked with a company that created computer microprocessors using 

software alone. He posited the company really made nothing, sold it for a great deal of money and then charged its customers a fee for each time the “nothing” was placed in a computer system. Accurate, if less than complete, the description gained the attention of reporters at a number of major publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

 Almost as important are Bill’s writing skills. He was first paid for his writing at age 20 and every job and step in his career relies on his ability to communicate ideas through words. He can describe how plastic can be created from air and paper from rocks. He can tell a story about a lost whale – a tale that once intrigued people around the world.

Bill’s writing will make sure your story connects with the people who need to hear it.

Bill Bucy

Palo Alto, CA